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Jō is a simple IoT device that connects any lock to the internet, by just attaching it.
With Jo, you can check the status of lock from anywhere with your iOS or Android.
If public facility adopts this technology, it could generate big data of human movement and potentially provide open source data.

Make All Keys IoT

Detect status of the key with every action.

Maintenance Free by Energy harvesting

No battery, no plug, no maintenance.

Encrypted Transmission

All the transmission to server is encrypted.

Technology behind Jō

Jō is powered by Energy Harvesting technology by Panasonic.
It has a specially developed IC tip inside, and the movement of locking generates tiny electricity that enables encrypted transmission.
That’s why Jō requires no battery, no plug, no maintenance.

How it Works

Jo system

Jō Device

The movement of the key activates the energy harvester and sends an encrypted transmission to the host.

Jō Host

The host can receive transmission from multiple Jō devices.

Jō Web Service

Information of real time key status will be stored to the server.

Jō Smartphone App

Jō App can confirm the status and set notification upon any movement.

Easy to Use

how to use

Jō is so easy to install. Just attach Jo to your existing lock. Flexible attachement of Jō can fit with various types of cylinder deadbolt, and doesn’t require any special tool or construction.