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Get started with eny Developer Kit


・Connect eny with your own products / services
・Batteryless, Wireless
・Easy and quick integration
Get started with eny developer kit


eny is a maintanace free smart button powered by energy harvesting technology.
It can connect with anything via 3rd party platfom.
Once it is set up, it doesn’t require any other devices such as smartphones.

Connect Anything

Connect with any smart device and app.

Maintenance Free by Energy Harvesting

No battery, no plug, no maintenance.

Encrypted Transmission

All the transmission to server is encrypted.

Works Stand Alone

No need for connected smartphones.
Suits well for kids and elderly.

Technology Behind eny

eny is powered by energy harvesting technology.
The slight movement of the key is all you need for encrypted transmission, making you totally stress-free from battery changes or maintenances.

How it Works

eny system

eny Devices

Pushing eny activates energy harvester, and send encrypted transmissions to the host.

eny Host

One host can cover your entire house, connecting with numerous eny devices.

eny Gateway Server

The gateway server receives the information from the host and connect to web platforms.

Web Services

Ready for action! Now eny is a maintenance-free physical button for anyone.

We are looking for various types of Partners to utilize eny for your business.
eny can enhance UX or expand user base for you.
Here are some examples of partners we are looking for...